“You claim you’re pragmatic, pluralist, and progressive. Then you flame scholars whose only sin was to honestly represent orthodox views and classical consensus on homosexuality, fornication, and hijab.”

I don’t understand this passage. I hope you mean it is okay to be a progressive Muslim and therefore should not criticize scholars who themselves criticize the conservative/orthodox aspects of the religion. But that seems to contradict: “You say you’re #UnapologeticallyMuslim, then distance yourself and remain silent when conservatives and traditionalists get attacked for their views.”

So should the Muslim audience you’re attempting to reach also attack traditionalists and conservatives or defend them?

Author of the novels: Binge Until Tragedy, Lunchmeat, The Neon God, & 6 Harlots: Rebirth of a Nation | Linwood, NJ https://www.bendalessio.com/

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