What I Learned From Reading the Neglected Content of my “Saved” Tab.

If you’re like me, you’re constantly tempted with links to articles and videos from your favorite sources while scrolling down your facebook page. However, if you’re still like me, you rarely have time to read the article or watch the video at that moment, and therefore send the link to the elephant graveyard of facebook, a.k.a. the “Saved” section.

Catching myself sending link after link to be “saved,” I decided to visit oblivion, to check up on oblivion, to make sure oblivion knew that I wasn’t quite so… oblivious.

Well, my eyes were far bigger than my stomach on this one (on these 47, that is). I get overwhelmed when too many tabs are open on my chrome page — this made me sick.

Over the next few days I put a temporary freeze on all motions to “save” (no matter how informative that next article looked) and decided to read every link I had cast out to the margins.

The following list of 47 are 1–2 sentence takeaways from the article I read or video I watched. I do not necessarily agree with them, they are more what I learned or thought the author/subject of the link wanted me to learn. Because I care deeply about my readers, I have decided to pass these takeaways on to you.


1. The 1692 Salem witch trials had people speak up about the insanity — they were silenced.

2. Lebanon’s new parliamentary system could be key to combating sectarianism.

3. Rachel Yould was definitely a con-artist (I think).

4. Damascus has had a bubbling literary scene.

5. Too much seltzer will destroy your teeth (I’m fine with dentures).

6. Gustave Flaubert perfected the modern tragedy.

7. There was a mental hospital in Alabama in the 19th century that had a newspaper entirely written by patients. It was called The Meteor.

8. “Millenials” love Rick and Morty because we’re broke.

9. Masculinity is outdated and regressive.

10. Conscious capitalism is unsustainable.

11. Canadian “Millenials” have better lives than American “Millenials”. (Is Rick and Morty popular in Canada?)

12. A Project Management Course is the poor man’s MBA.

13. Democrats should consciously foster relationships with religious Americans; 2/3 of democrats still consider themselves religious.

14. Matisse would order seafood from a nearby restaurant in Nice, paint it, and return it before lunch.

15. There is a lawyer in Brooklyn who specializes in helping/representing people in polyamorous relationships. Ex: helping a polyamorous triad set up an LLC so they can share their finances.

16. Most journalists are highly educated, under paid, middle-aged, male, liberal-independents, and white.

17. Joni Mitchell is a genius and a huge influence on contemporary music.

18. AirBnB is ruining some of the most distinct neighborhoods in New Orleans.

19. “Millenials” are traveling more now because there won’t be any social security for the Golden Years.

20. My favorite cocktail should be a Rusty Nail according to my favorite 90s cartoon: Hey Arnold!

21. The cross-pollination of American English and British English is growing.

22. Kids in Silicon Valley are so stressed they’re killing themselves.

23. Thoreau basically hated everything and was America’s buzzkill.

24. Zainab Ahmad is the terrorist-hunting, complete badass of a lawyer you’ve never heard of.

25. I have to grab a drink at The Eagle and Child pub in Oxford.

26. Colorado, seemingly overnight, has become one of the least affordable housing markets in the country.

27. We still have no idea what makes déjà vu.

28. The 2003 redistricting of Texas had a revolutionary effect on the state’s politics. The U.S. House of Reps includes 25 Republicans and 11 Democrats, a far more conservative profile than the demography of the state.

29. A.A. Milne’s son Christopher Robin Milne, the real Christopher Robin, hated his connection to Winnie the Pooh and spent his life trying to distance himself from the franchise.

30. Anti-Fascists change. Fascists don’t.

31. Joan Didion found the hippie culture repugnant and unsustainable, but also a much smaller slice of the Sixties than the media portrays.

32. Paul and Luke display two very different sides of Christianity.

33. Apeirophobia: the fear of eternity. People suffer from this.

34. Brian Kelly a.k.a. the Points Guy runs a site that advises how to collect travel points and get the best perks. https://thepointsguy.com/about-us/

35. Vaccines don’t cause autism. The “increase” in autistic children has much more to do with changing definitions and a broadening “spectrum.”

36. Norman Podhoretz published “Making It” against the advice of his friends and contemporaries and was subsequently ostracized from NYC literary circles.

37. Pope Francis is the pope that Martin Luther was looking for 500 years ago.

38. In the East there’s intimacy without friendship; in the West, there’s friendship without intimacy.

39. The “frozen peanut butter sheets” is probably the worst “food hack” of the year.

40. The Left are developing their own strict moral code, especially with language, that becomes cannibalistic. They don’t know how to act like a tribe the way the Right does.

41. Characters don’t have to be likeable to be great characters.

42. Meditation physically changes the size and shape of structures in the brain.

43. It looks like Mugabe’s reign in Zimbabwe is coming to an end. Does that mean things will get better in the southern African nation? Probably not.

44. The end of ISIS is almost here (yay!) Flare ups of ole tensions (boo).

45. Gentrification has a lot of benefits to lower income residents and is a far more complicated issue than the media portrays.

46. Anti-Catholic bigotry has recently been demonstrated by both the Republicans and the Democrats.

47. There is no meaning to life and that’s a good thing. We should revel in that realization.

Now you’re free to share this dollop of knowledge any way you wish.

Ben D’Alessio is the author of the novels Binge Until Tragedy and Lunchmeat. Both are available on Amazon and the publisher’s page. 25% of profits are donated to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN).

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