This piece is filled with personal experiences that, although horrifying, shouldn’t turn you off to a writer that you admit is a genius. You say yourself that you read books by “sad white women” but then criticize white men for reading books by sad white men, love them, and then want to share that love with their friends/girlfriends, etc?
You, understandably, can’t get into DFW works because you can’t identify with him, but then you seem to criticize “cis white men” for not reading female authors, authors of color, anyone not a cis white man.
*I’ve read Beloved, ironically it sits right above Infinite Jest on my bookshelf. And I share absolutely nothing in common with Toni Morrison. But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t appreciate her writing, themes, characters, etc.

As a writer you should see the value in different styles of writing by different types of writers.
All of the guys on the liberal arts campuses were predictable, but not all DFW fans are guys on liberal arts campuses. I personally didn’t read Infinite Jest until 2 years after I graduated (albeit from my own Liberal Arts campus).

It just bothers me that your personal experiences, pre-conceived notions, and politics (trust me, I’m just as upset over Gorsuch’s appointment as anyone) make you so upset about a fantastic writer that you wanted to put down people who enjoy his work.

P.S. I couldn’t get into Faulkner either.

Author of the novels: Binge Until Tragedy, Lunchmeat, The Neon God, & 6 Harlots: Rebirth of a Nation | Linwood, NJ

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