Burning Down America Will End Police Brutality

by Ben D’Alessio

Kenosha, WI

It was a pleasure — and morally right and just — to burn. From the ashes of not just Minneapolis, Portland, and Kenosha, but all of the (former) United States, a new society can be constructed that will address systematic racism and other systems of oppression. The new to-be-named society (I like “Progressium”) will not have police brutality because there will be no police.

This ambitious plan is attainable, but only if the proceeding blueprint is followed in a precise and unrelenting manner.

The first, and probably most popular step, is to GET RID OF WHITE PEOPLE. After they clean up what they helped burn down, they must be removed from Progressium. Luckily, I have already drafted an indisputable plan here.

But before they go, make sure they hand over the Deeds to their homes, as the brave protestors in Seattle demanded:

*Note: It is also acceptable for the old owners to burn their old house down, so long as the fire insurance policy is transferred to the new POC owners (Asians are not included).

Note: The city “Seattle” will also need to be renamed, as its namesake, Chief Seattle, owned slaves. (This policy will also apply to Yale University.)

But turning over property and money is not enough, less they bring their systematic racism to their new homes.

Therefore, all wyts must be cleansed and engage in self-flagellation of the soul. Luckily for us, these baptisms have already begun to take place and serve as perfect nationwide examples to be followed.

Note: If they did not post a “black square” on June 2, 2020, literal flagellations are permitted.

If I wasn’t clear, this means that they all are gone. Including the allies. It is bullshit that students have to petition their universities to implement segregation in 2020. Multi-cultural clearly means anything other than “white”:




  1. relating to or constituting several cultural or ethnic groups within a society. “multicultural education”

In Progressium, weiße won’t be invading non-Weiß spaces.

But that is not to say that once all the wights are gone, there will still not be rampant Cultural Appropriation amongst POCs. A brave warrior on the frontlines exposed this atrocious immigrant-run, small business as not a purveyor of delicious beverages, but as cultural thieves.

(Please ignore when she calls a Black customer a “coon”… three times…)

To prevent this from happening, all small businesses must adhere to a strict set of racial guidelines and quotas concerning products, employees, and managers. Again, we have precedence from warriors in Louisville, who articulated a set of demands here. The list requires that all businesses in the NuLu district employ at least 23% Black staff, that 23% of product comes from Black vendors (23% is the Black population of Louisville), that all white employees attend education on the system of oppression which they perpetuate, that they attend roundtable discussions led by Black womxn leaders, et al. Failure to comply results in fees and public cancellation.

Note: I am happy to reach out to my cousins in the ‘Ndrangheta on how best to implement these measures.

During rebuilding, the new government would obviously create the DOA (Department of Antiracism), which would help create a watchdog, eye-in-the-sky, CCTV, or Big Brother for Progressium.

Although I completely disagree with Ibram X. Kendi’s idea that Black people can be racist, he gets a pass for laying the cornerstone of the DOA. In short, it would:

“[Be] comprised of formally trained experts on racism and no political appointees. The DOA would be responsible for preclearing all local, state and federal public policies to ensure they won’t yield racial inequity, monitor those policies, investigate private racist policies when racial inequity surfaces, and monitor public officials for expressions of racist ideas. The DOA would be empowered with disciplinary tools to wield over and against policymakers and public officials who do not voluntarily change their racist policy and ideas.”

“The amendment that champion Kendi posits would not just apply to government, however, but to private businesses, speech, and would have the power to reject any local, state, or federal policy before it’s implemented; it would be made up of “experts” who could not be fired, even by the president; and it would wield “disciplinary tools” over public officials who did not “voluntarily” change their “racist ideas”. -Coleman Hughes

This would mean warriors wouldn’t have to waste their time in Louisville getting businesses to sign petitions, giving them pass/fail grades, engaging in “review dumps” or staging sit-ins for non-compliant owners, and can focus on policing socially monitoring their neighborhoods instead.

As progressives, we often (racistly) like to look to Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand to grab ideas for our utopia. However, precedence has not been laid down in any of those countries concerning police abolition. So, it is Progressium that will lead the world on ending police brutality, by ending police.

I don’t have an answer for what will be put in its place, but I’ll be gone anyway with the rest of the wittes. There will be plenty of guns left behind, though. Don’t forget, you’re making history.

*Remember, if you burn down Wisconsin, it can’t vote for Trump!

Conclusion: Everything has to come down. Even if it’s Black-owned businesses, which perpetuate the capitalist complex that has no place in Progressium. Historically, change has only come after rampant violence and destruction. Never has a movement that stood for equality and human rights been subverted by extremists with their own agendas of destruction, violence, and power. (Please ignore: the French Revolution, the Iranian Revolution, the Syrian Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Libyan Revolution, the Cuban Revolution, and the Egyptian Revolution.)

**Disclaimer*** I do not condone or promote arson, the mass removal of people, seizure of property, flagellation (unless you’re into that sorta thing), the toppling of the United States Government, or any other violent or inciteful act.**

Ben D’Alessio is the author of the novels Binge Until Tragedy, Lunchmeat, and The Neon God. Visit his website to learn more. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 20% of profits are donated to the Covenant House in Atlantic City, NJ.

Author of the novels: Binge Until Tragedy, Lunchmeat, The Neon God, & 6 Harlots: Rebirth of a Nation | Linwood, NJ https://www.bendalessio.com/

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